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Guangdong Huiji Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Huiji Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.(former Guangdong Huiyang machine factory) is a non state-owned high-tech enterprise which undertakes the successive development, improvement and optimization of the series of products such as capsule filling machines with the former name of Guangdong Huiyang Machine Factory.Our company has strong technology force and advanced workmanship. Our main and key parts of capsule machines and other products are independently developed, which guarantees the stability of quality, continuous improvement, and the betterment and optimization of our products. What is more, we carry out the research and development for the new products as well.Now our factory has tens of products such as capsule filling machines, capsule glass series, Chinese traditional pill machines, light inspection machines, and leechdom inspection machines. Our factory can not only provide many devices satisfying the GMP specification of medicine factory, but also researches and develops other types of products according to the requirements of medicine factory.capsule filling machine,capsule machine,manual capsule filling machine,capsule filler,encapsulation machine,pharmaceutical machinery,automatic filling machine,capsule filling,capsule filling machinery,empty capsule filling machine,capsulating machine,capsules machine,high speed capsule filling machine,machine,machinery.,semi automatic filling machine,automatic powder filling machine,powder filling machine,pharmacy filling machine,capsule filling system,Health & Medical.Guangdong Huiji Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.(Former guangdong huiyang machine factory) is a domestic and professional equipment supplier, the main products: automatic capsule filling machine、ultra fine powder pulverizer、pill machine、capsule filling machine、medicine inspector、capsule counting machine、automatic capsule separting machine、capsule polishing machine。

Company Culture

  • Goal

    Based in China, facing the world, constantly innovating, and creating a trustworthy brand in the industry

  • Idea

    People-oriented, provide employees with a good working environment and incentive mechanism, so that employees and enterprises can grow together

  • Mission

    Actively provide the industry with excellent products and reliable solutions

  • Vision

    To escort customers and provide you with better service, we have been working hard

Enterprise Honor

Guangdong Huiji Pharmaceutical Equipment Co., Ltd.
  • Man:Mr. Chen
  • Address:Building 2, No.10 Xiajiao East Road, Huizhou, Guangdong China
  • Fax:0752-2227000
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