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Technological process of traditional Chinese medicine pill making machine

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1. The whole machine has beautiful appearance, fine technology, simple operation and convenient use.

2. In the design, the filling seat and the metering disc are integrated, so that the metering disc and the filling rod will not deviate, the friction between the filling rod and the metering disc is avoided, the loading accuracy is improved, and the service life is prolonged.

3. It can automatically remove defective capsules, recover and reuse drugs in defective capsules, and increase economic benefits.

4. This machine is easy to disassemble and clean. It can exchange various types of molds and can be used on the same machine to meet the requirements of different production capacities.

The function of the semi-automatic capsule filling machine is to automatically load the medicine materials into the empty capsules in the capsule mold in sequence. The hopper is equipped with a stepless speed regulating motor (the instrument displays the speed), which drives the propeller to force the medicine materials into the empty capsules. The lower rotary table drives the mold to rotate. The lower rotary table is also driven by the stepless speed regulating motor to make the mold run under the feeding nozzle for one week. It is controlled by photoelectric counting (the counter is set for 30 times). When the filling (on) is pressed to start, the hopper is pushed to the mold by the air cylinder. After the hopper is in place, the rotary table motor and hopper motor start automatically. When the die rotates for one cycle, it will stop automatically, and the cylinder will return to its original position automatically.

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