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NJP-800 Capsule Filling Machine

Describe:NJP-800 automatic capsule filling machine is compact structure, and all-seal size, meet G.M.P. standard.$r$nCapsule usage rate ≥99%, dosing weight adjustable, and the dosing weight tolerance ±5%.

  • Model:NJP-800
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  • Date:2022-09-21
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1. Compact structure, all-seal size, meet GMP standard.

2. Using Japan Mitsubishi driving, stepless speed regulation, Japan Mitsubishi PLC program control; Transfomer driver, steadily working, reliable.

3. Capsule usage rate ≥ 99%.

4. Dosing weight adjustable, dosing weight tolerance ±5%.

5. Safety Sensors Sensitive to shut the machine down automatically in the event of problems when no capsules, no powder, door opened, and abnormal load.

6.  Average output around 48,000 capsules per hour. Efficiency and Accuracy.


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